100% digital account, to manage all your money from your phone

Operate totally online, without commissions or fees.
Open your account with a Spanish IBAN and enjoy all our services.

Your online account with a Spanish IBAN

Open your account with a Spanish IBAN and enjoy the advantages of having your salary paid directly into it, in just a few steps, anywhere.

Manage all your money in one app

Manage your personal finances more efficiently with unlimited bank aggregation. Check the movements and global position of each of your accounts without leaving the Fundsfy app.

Flash transfers!

Make local transfers or within the Euro zone. You can send, receive or request money between Fundsfy users in a matter of seconds.

Virtual, Physical or Metallic

Your Mastercard® cards always with you to make purchases and withdraw cash anywhere. Coming soon, you will be able to link your Fundsfy card with Apple & Google Pay for secure payments from your mobile.

Get your money when you need it

Don’t pay commissions for cash when you need it. Get free cash withdrawals at any national, European and international ATM.

Comfortable access

We integrated Touch and Face ID to access the app quickly, comfortably and in the safest way

Your account, with total trust

Your money is always protected by Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Protect your cards against any problem with automatic blocking and unblocking through our app. And get instant notifications with every transaction.

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