The independent
savings platform

Manage your money and access the best funds and products on the market from one place

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The independent
savings platform

Manage your money and access the best funds and products on the market from one place

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Better than your bank

Enjoy the most advanced banking features
of the market without permanence or small print

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Flash Transfers
Send and request money
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Free cash withdraws
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at any ATM

Unlimited bank aggregation
Add all your bank accounts
in one app at no cost

Free Transfers
Make transfers throughout
the euro zone and you don’t
pay fee for it!

Grow your savings  

We make it easy for you to create a diversified portfolio by investing quickly and easily in a wide variety of investment products.


Access from 500 euros to funds of
investment of renowned managers
that so far were restricted to large

Pension plans

Conservative, Moderate, Balanced
or Equity. Contract your plan
of pensions in question of
minutes and start enjoying
all its tax advantages.

Advice and
market trends

Take your investments to the next level
with the best advice
independent (coming soon), market trends
and exclusive financial content.


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Enjoy the deposits with
the best conditions of the
market. Deposit your savings in
any of the major
European banks.


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Access investment products more
sophisticated as the funds of
investment that applies artificial intelligence,
crypto funds and crowdlending opportunities.

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Open banking 100%

At Fundsfy we have more advanced technology partners who have the necessary authorisations from the Bank of Spain and the CNMV.

Your money always safe

Our partners, as well as our products, are supervised at all times by the different regulatory entities in each European country, offering you maximum security at all times.

International Managers

We have the most reputable and experienced managers in the market

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Discover the new way to grow your savings

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