Bringing you (seamless, digital) access to Alternative Investments

We are all, all-too, familiar with the standard investments available to us normal savers and investors: stocks, bonds and funds managed, linked or relative, to some national or regional index (like the FTSE 100, S&P 500, IBEX 35…).

There are however other, institutional types of investments, known as Alternative Investments, such as Real Estate, Hedge & Private Equity Funds, that have been key portfolio holdings for pension funds, endowments and family offices.  Lately, these have been supplemented by more structured investments in other Real Assets, like Infrastructure, Forestry and Renewable Energy.

Another, more ‘exotic’ segment – rarely previously considered as an investment category as such – is growing in terms of investment exposure, particularly among UHNI (wealthy individuals).  And that is Luxury Consumer products, like Classic Cars, Jewellery, Art and Wine.

What is perhaps less well known is that apart from providing a powerful diversification (e.g., different investment exposure) from financial markets, many of these Alternatives, have very attractive characteristics.  They:

  • Represent Tangible Assets, and the investor achieves as-close-to-direct-ownership of that Real Asset as possible.
  • Have low correlation to the financial markets.
  • Benefit from low volatility and risk compared to the financial markets (i.e., the dispersion of returns and the size of any drawdowns are lower).
  • Generate more stable, consistent returns.
  • Less exposed to sentiment and fund flows. That is, the emotional.

Fundsfy has another solution. We are a digital platform, which provide you information on, and ability to invest in, well-structured opportunities and assets that are generally uncorrelated to the financial markets – and (for good measure) often outperform them, too.

What we do, you could say, is offer Old School investments (solid performance, low risk), in a very cool and contemporary way. You will have access and oversight of it all in an app, with all the ease-of-use, ease-of-access, clever functionality and control this gives you.

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