An app for digital banking and sourcing a new type of investments

Fundsfy was created to bring you, as an investor, a range of unique investment ideas and opportunities that either did not previously exist in a simple structured investable format, or at least not in a comprehensive way, where you can choose from a select number of such top-class opportunities across different investment areas and by different managers.

At best, the market for these non-listed investments was very fragmented, and you would have to go in search for every specific type of investment – that perhaps you did not even know existed!

Not so for much longer…

Fundsfy give you investable access to niche and specialist opportunities, presented in a simple, easy-to-navigate overview, with an equally hassle- and paper-free investing process; something truly unique compared to the standard financial market products you get in a normal bank.  We want to make sure that everyone can benefit from the excellent risk-return characteristics they are able to provide.

The whole user process and experience, from start to finish, is entirely digitised and therefore simple and easy to use. An app-based solution, which not only provides a personal digital bank account, but also an instantly accessible summary overview and information on the different investments available, your account and transfers).

And what are these types of investments that we get so excited about?  Well, our previous blogs and many of the subsequent ones to come, will provide much greater detail, but once you download the app, you will soon receive descriptions of the various ‘themes’ we bring to the market, as well as details on the specific investment opportunities and managers.

Click ‘Yes to Updates’ and we will alert you with the exciting information as we prepare to launch a revolutionary new way to invest.

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