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Are you familiar with Private Funds and Private Investments?

You may have come across alternative investments, such as wine, contemporary art, classic cars, renewable energy and even forestry. Many press articles, and professional research, have for years published findings that such investments perform very well – extremely well, indeed.  So well, in fact, that many have been outperforming the standard financial market asset classes, like equities and bonds.

That’s right, even with the gains we have seen in the stock market since the crash in 2008, these assets have actually often beaten stocks and bonds. Oh, and they have done so exhibiting much less risk and volatility. In normal language that means the returns, i.e., the cash pay-outs they generate for investors, have been far more stable and consistent. So, we are looking at superior returns, with lower fluctuations and the dramatic up-and-down gyrations of the financial markets.

Sounds pretty appealing, wouldn’t you agree?

And why then, we could reasonably ask, are such investments not widely available, since we are all only-too-aware that pensions as-our-parents-know-them are largely a thing of the past; and, subsequently, we need to save more? Especially as we know that we also need to get more performance from those same savings.

Very well, you may have thought. Those kind of investments are expensive and difficult to get hold of, due to their rarity, size and/or value, and therefore something reserved for rich people.  And, after all, it’s not really all that surprising that the wealthy manage to identify and claim the most attractive opportunities that produce the best returns.

Well, that’s about to change…

One more important note, though. Even if we were aware that these assets, such as, classic cars, art, forestry and wine, had risen in value more than any other quantifiably measurable assets, one overriding issue was always nagging: There never seemed to be a simple, easy and integrated way to identify and assess such types of investments.

Not only was getting well-structured and easily obtained information lacking, but  accessing them; that is, how to actually get professional financial exposure to such assets, was nigh impossible.

Well, that part is about to change, too…

Fundsfy was created to provide savers and investors with a fully integrated (digital) platform that not only presents some of the most attractive investment themes and types outside the traditional and standard financial market products. Fundsfy also provide you with a digital bank account (that benefits from full deposit guarantee) and a debit card you can use everywhere.  And via this account you can pick among, and invest directly into, precisely all the types of investments mentioned above.

Those, and many more.

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