AI-Quant Investing: Trade the financial markets like a hedge fund manager

Hedge Fund style returns and strategies for the average investor
Hedge funds have been the exclusive preserve of wealthy investors since they emerged on the scene in the 1980’s. Some of the big names are now legendary within the industry for generating consistent absolute returns, and navigating difficult markets expertly. In some cases they even produce positive returns despite significant falls across all markets.

You, too, can now get this type of performance! Fundsfy brings you a select range of strategies, which not only deliver HF style returns, but also offer very attractive liquidity terms.

Superior returns from the Equity and Bond markets
. Quant & Robo Advisors use highly sophisticated mathematical & statistical models, and in some instances machine learning (Artificial Intelligence), to produce superior market analysis, security (stock and bond) selection and asset class allocation.

. They allocate systematically or dynamically between a set range of different instruments (using mainly futures or ETF’s, but some also stock-picking) for optimal performance.

. They have all out-performed the relevant benchmark índices, in both falling as well as rising markets. In fact, some generate positive returns even in times when the markets fall dramatically.

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