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Get access to the exclusive world of private investments


Ever wondered about investing in stable income producing ‘real’ assets that often preserve and even increase their value, whatever the volatile gyrations, ups-and-downs of the equity markets?

We bet you hadn’t thought of forestry in the Nordics – or, if you did, had discovered a way to benefit from it?

Or how about buying, storing and trading the top French wines?

What about your music and film loving friends? 
What if they could invest in artists’ and production (royalty) rights?

Perhaps you are a connoisseur of limited edition hand-crafted watches – how would it feel to get investment exposure to your passion, without having to mortgage the house, or risk your financial health?

All this and more….available via fundsfy’s  private funds.

Are you aware of the returns produced by some private investments?

Whether Forestry, Private Equity, Wine, Royalties, or related, the ‘Hard Asset’ managers we represent typically deliver double-digit annualized returns, and many exhibit very small fluctuations and limited drawdowns (the investment management industry’s word for losses) during the period an investor is exposed.

They generate stable returns with low risk of absolute losses, and also very low correlation to other asset classes, especially the financial markets.

They are typically longer term holdings, with the best returns achieved over time (5-10 years). They offer two types of returns during the life of the fund: ongoing income (‘dividends’), and a final capital gain on the sale of the assets they hold.

PrEQIn Index: Private Capital Strategies vs. Public Markets
(Rebased to 100 as of 31 December 2000)

Private Equity: Median Net IRRs by Strategy and Vintage Year
(Most up to Date)

We do not forget the

financial markets

We also work with highly sophisticated and very innovative managers that trade the ‘traditional’ and liquid financial markets.

These ‘Quant-driven’ strategies use AI and complex mathematical models to generate significant outperformance of the equity and bond markets. In both rising as well as falling markets.

We bring you the power and performance of cutting-edge hedge fund strategies

We are a digital platform that provides you information on, and ability to invest in, well-structured opportunities and assets that are uncorrelated to the financial markets - and (for good measure) generally significantly outperform them, too.

Kaspar Bonde Eriksen

Co-Funder, Head of IR & Product

Warning: Potential addiction to investment success

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